The Three Grandmasters of Reiki 

and the masters that follow in our school lineage.

Grandmaster Master Mikao Usui - 1865 to 1925. Credited with the rediscovery of Reiki

Grandmaster Dr. Chujiro Hiyashi - 1873 to 1941. Instituted the three levels of teaching Reiki

Grandmaster Madame Hawayo Takata - 1900 to 1980. Lived and healed in Hawaii for many years. She began to train Reiki Masters at the age of 73. Upon her death, she left 22 masters in the USA and Canada

Reiki Master Iris Ishikuro. Elevated to Reiki Master/Teacher in 1973 by Madame Takata, lived on the island of Hawaii for many years before moving to California. Transitioned on June 7, 1986

Reiki Master Dr. Arthur Robertson. Elevated to Reiki Master/Teacher in 1983 by Reiki Master Iris Ishikuro. He transitioned March, 2001

Reiki Master Rev. Samuel Strauss.Was elevated to Reiki Master/Teacher Feb. 27, 1990 by Reiki Master Dr. Arthur Robertson. He taught his first class D.B.A. Loving Touch Center on March 18, 1990. Incorporated LTC (school and ministry) on June 14, 1991.