Shared Experiences

The following are a few experiences told to us by attendees of the Awareness & Beyond Seminar.

    "I attended the Awareness & Beyond workshop in Rochester, N.Y. and wanted to share my experience with you. I wanted Samuel to help me with the pain in my lower back, hips and legs and cluster headaches. I had the pains on and off for 40 years which started in my mid twenties when I worked as a nurse. I was hospitalized several times and finally diagnosed as having a degenerative lumbar disc disease. I have never worked with my inner child before and I was fearful of doing so now. Samuel guided me in remembering what my life was like when all this pain started. My life was a mess and I couldn�t remember when it wasn�t. I was the youngest of 7 children - four of which were much older than me. I was constantly being criticized for everything I did or said by my parents as well as my siblings. Samuel had me bring my Inner Child up on my screen, this was hard for me because I could not ever remember anything about my early childhood, (from 1 - 5). I was very good at blocking out things all my life instead of facing them."

    "I looked at my Inner Child and she had a look that I couldn�t shake off. It was frightening. I realized that I had never done anything to please her - I was always trying to please everyone else. I was always told to be quiet so I never had the opportunity to express myself. My older siblings didn�t want anything to do with me and so I never had anyone to talk to. My early adolescence was keeping everything to myself. So the fear, resentment, anger, low esteem etc. - had already began to manifest in pain and discomfort. After graduation, I went into nursing and married a man from my home town and had three children. My marriage was a disaster. I divorced and ended up again living with my parents. I felt I had no control in my life, and couldn�t stand on my own. After my father died, my mother became disabled and I had to take care of her. My siblings never helped or came by to visit but they still continued to criticize everything that I did for my mother. After 26 years of being single, I met and married my second husband. This was another disaster, he was also very controlling. Pain continued to manifest itself and I was in poor health."

    "After this second divorce I began to feel free for the first time and began to take control of my live with the support of Reiki. However the pain was still there. The day of the workshop, Samuel had me continue to work with my Inner Child, opening a communication with her, telling her that I loved her and would not ignored her anymore. I then put my parents on my screen and told them I loved them. I put my siblings on my screen and told each of them I loved them and forgave them for everything. When I again put my Inner Child on the screen, I felt a "oneness" with her and she smiled. When Samuel asked me to open my eyes and to slowly stand up and walk around, I was amazed to have no pain. I was so grateful for the opportunity to take part in this workshop. I know that this is an on going thing but now I know how to help myself and I will heal."

Another attanedee of the Awareness & Beyond Seminar who had surgery to relieve severe lower back pain but was left with numbness in both feet and one leg writes:

    "Communication flows between the emotions and the body. As an example, one thing that pops into my mind was the sciatic nerve which related to fear of being unable to stand on your own two feet. I had injured my lower spine 20 years ago and have experienced those fears at different times in my life."

    "Through an inner child meditation guided by Samuel, I was able to pinpoint an incident involving my father, that took place when I was a child. I was further abled to confront my stubbornness and apologize, asking forgiveness and expressing my love to my father."

    "As a child, I had no awareness that my actions would cause a break in our relationship and have such far reaching consequences. The incident was deeply buried and seemingly forgotten. By confrontation, closure and release, the numbness left my limbs and I was able to wiggle my toes and feel my feet again. Since then, memories have been surfacing and I am able to confront them and release them as they occur. I am learning to love and trust my inner child as she is learning to love and trust me. Inner peace is the real power and healing of the mind, body and spirit."


   "I was assaulted by robbers, they beat me severely especially on my head. 1 didn't realize in the beginning how serious the injuries were. The next day after the first surgery, the doctor told me it was very serious and that my vision was in great jeopardy and that another surgery was scheduled to reattach the nerves in two weeks. During those two weeks of waiting I met a person who was a Reiki practitioner with the Loving Touch Center.  I had three Reiki treatments three nights in a row. On the second evening I felt a shooting pain inside my injured eye and in the area around it. Something had happened.

       I arrived at the hospital for my second surgery, and when I was alert enough to talk, the doctor announced, "we did not have to attach your nerves, they were already in place. We only cleaned some of the left over blood."  I asked, what do you think happened? Doctor replied, "I don't know but whatever it is, it's good"  I told him briefly about my experience with the Reiki energy. They were very surprised at how quickly I was healing. I now attend the healing circles in Brooklyn every week."

  One of our Reiki Masters wrote of one of her experiances:

    "I recently became acquainted with a six year old girl who was afflicted with a viral infection in her brain. She lost her ability to walk, talk and physically function properly. After a two week stay in the hospital without any significant improvement, I was asked to administer Reiki. After several treatments with Reiki she began to regain her speech and function with considerable improvement. To her family's delight, the child was able to start her school year on time.

    One of our Reiki masters who is also a LTC Reiki Minister visited a client in a hospital. The gentleman was very weak and needed the assistance of a cane to walk. He had intense pain in his foot and was in a great deal of discomfort. Andrew explained how Reiki works and offered him a treatment. As he laid back, Andrew began to Reiki his feet. " I felt a draw, like my hands were magnetized to him." Andrew writes, "I then Reikied his head, thymus, and solar plexus. I could have Reikied him for hours, the draw was so great. He fell into a deep sleep for awhile. When he woke he said he could still feel the heat from my hand all the way up his legs and that the pain was gone. All gone! He felt wonderful, very energized and alive. I hugged him goodbye and as I walked out the door, I looked back to see him testing his foot and smiling."

        A local resident of Bayfield, CO. had been having severe breathing difficulties and a nagging hacking cough. The doctors diagnosed him with walking pneumonia and strong antibiotics were prescribed. After completing the medication, the condition still existed. A lung specialist was consulted which included numerous tests, x-rays, scans etc...The results revealed a grapefruit size growth on the left lung as well as plum size growth in the right with fluid rapidly filling the right lung. Cancer was a strong possibility. Worried, two LTC practitioners suggested Reiki treatments. Absentee healing was already in progress for awhile. Workrng simultaneously, Reiki treatments were given. The client was very receptive of the energy.

       When follow up test and scans were done, the growths had disappeared as well as the fliud!! Another Reiki miracle.

        Mary O, a quadriplegic of thirteen years was diagnosed with bilateral kidney stones and acute renal failure in March. She began Reiki and foot reflexology treatments in June. Sessions were held twice a week for one month and then once a week. Reiki was applied to Mary's parathyroid (calcium production) and kidney area. She also received absentee healing throughout this process. Mary also used visualization techniques to reduce the size of the stones and drank lots of lemon water throughout the days following the treatments.

        Mary began finding large amounts of gravel in her urine specimens. In July she was readmitted to the hospital for surgery to remove the stones. Pre-surgical testing revealed the absence of stones in her kidneys. NO STONES! ! Mary's back pain was also diminished. Mary's urologist was flabbergasted, stating only that what they thought were stones on her x-rays must have only been an accumulation  of mucus. Ha! Ha!

    Sometime fear hold us back from understanding what it is we need to release and move forward in our lives. When we are stuck in fear and pain, we may not "see" the issues that need to be released. Awareness is the first step. Samuel's Awareness & Beyond Seminar is the perfect workshop in which to come to an understanding with yourself.