Loving Touch Center

Executive Director, Samuel, Traditional Reiki Master Teacher

Home Office: LTC, P.O. Box 171, Callaway, VA. 24067

Virginia Program


All Classes and Events held at 

215 Redfield Lane, Callaway unless specified.

Free Meditation and Reiki Healing Circles

Held on 1st & 3rd Thurs. of the month@ The Rocky Mount Library at 6pm


Fridays before Reiki I @ 7:30 pm, join us for a FREE informal evening of: getting acquainted with Samuel,, Reiki Master Teacher, &  Director of Loving Touch Center,  Reiki demonstrations, discussions and time devoted to questions and answers. 

Please call first before attending 540 482-0805 or e-mail: reikiltc@sitestar.net

SAT. & SUN   Apr. 21 & 22    10 AM to 6 PM each day                            

 REIKI I      Self-Empowerment Weekend

Samuel, RMT offers you the seminar that will give you the gift of Reiki and will balance your weekend by teaching you: Metaphysics, Meditation and Manifesting.  Tuition $150

SAT & SUN    June 23 & 24       10 AM to 6 PM each day

  REIKI II     Inner Child Weekend                 Prerequisite: LTC's Reiki I  

 Reiki II energy is mature, solid, stable and grounding.  Experience an Inner Child guided meditation and learn a powerful technique to heal your Inner Child.  Learn to send Absentee Healing anywhere, anytime.  You will learn 3 major symbols for; Absentee Healing,  Empowerment, & Mental, Emotional Balance.  Time will be provided for giving and receiving Reiki to and from fellow students.  Tuition $300

SAT. & SUN.   July 21 & 22     10 AM to 6 PM each day

 ADVANCED PRACTITIONER Reason/Impact Weekend               

Prerequisite LTC's Reiki I & II

     The advanced Practitioner class is for those who want to take themselves and their practice to a higher level of awareness and healing.  Highly recommended for the serious minded.  Receive an afternoon lecture based on Samuel's theory of Reason/Impact featuring methods of  uncovering and releasing physical and emotional problems heretofore unresolved by traditional  medicine.  LTC's own system of combination hand positions for self and client.  Five new symbols for Love, Release of Infection, Growth & Expansion, Meditation and  Energizing.  Experience an exceptional meditation, and a review of self hand positions and hand  positions on client.  Lots of hands on time.  Numerous spontaneous healings and/or regressions have occurred during this seminar. Tuition $300


        Prerequisite LTC RI, RII & AP. 

This is an intensive 3 month program.  The focus of this class is dually divided between the student's personal and professional growth.  The program is devised to help the student emerge as a balanced Reiki Healing Facilitator. (Graduates of this class will not be empowered to teach or transfer the energy, unless they choose to go on and complete LTC's Reiki Master Teacher Program.)  To help the student along at a pace equal to their needs and abilities, each graduating student will be attuned to the Master Level Energy.

Begins Sept 28, 2007  -  elevation weekend Jan. 12, 2007


Prerequisite LTC's RI, RII, AP & RMP.  

 Our Reiki Master Teacher Program, in combination with our new Reiki Master Practitioner program, will be taught in a very intense one year Master Teacher Program. This program will give you the skills and tools you will need to teach and pass on the Reiki Energy to others.  A commitment to personal and professional growth is required.. . 

     All classes taught in an atmosphere of unconditional, non judgmental Love.

 Certification given for all classes.  Classes limited to 11 students.   


For more information on classes and new advanced classes call (434) 237-2015 or 1800 LTCenter

or e-mail reikiltc@sitestar.net