Reiki I

In the first level of Reiki you become attuned to the Reiki energy and become a channel. Becoming a channel for this energy will help you release stress and tension for yourself and others. You will learn how to access your Higher Self for your own guidance and clarity. At the end of the class you will be certified as a Reiki practitioner, qualified to give Reiki treatments for yourself, and chair and table Reiki treatments for others.  LTC is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork as a continuing education provider under Category A for 16 unit hours.

Reiki II

You learn three powerful Reiki symbols. Symbols are tools that allow you to: focus energy to empower, protect and break through blockages, enhance and support mental and emotional balance, and send distance healing.  In Reiki II you also learn to work with your Inner Child for healing the past and present.  LTC is approved by the NCBTMB as a provider for 16 CEUs.

Advanced Practitioner

Develop higher levels of mind-body awareness. Understand the foundational cause of dis-ease. Maximize your potential as a healer. Learn five important symbols for releasing infection, increasing energy, promoting growth, enhancing mental clarity and encouraging love.  LTC is approved by the NCBTMB as a provider for 16 CEUs

Reiki Master Practitioner Program  

 The focus of this class is dually divided between the student's personal and professional growth  The program is devised to help the student emerge as a balanced Reiki Healing Facilitator. (Graduates of this class will not be empowered to teach or transfer the Reiki energy, unless they choose to go on and complete LTC's Reiki Master Teacher Program.)  This is a three (3) month intensive program that prepares the student to move forward in life as a Master Practitioner and/or to move into our Teachers' program. To help the student along at a pace equal to their needs and abilities, each graduating student will be attuned to the Master Level Energy.

   To be eligible for this class you must have taken LTC's R I, II & AP classes.


Our Reiki Master Teacher Program, in combination with our new Reiki Master Practitioner program, is a very intensive one year Master Teacher Program. A commitment to personal and professional growth is required. In this class you will develop skills as a teacher and workshop leader. 

**This intensive class requires a strong commitment to Reiki.

Certification given for all classes. CEUs provided for Reiki I, II and Advanced Practitioner.

LTC's Psychic Development, Mind Expansion

This class is only available in Virginia.

PDME classes are made up of:

Meditations, practice using psychometery, billets, photographs etc.

Special exercises are used to gently and easily open up your psychic awareness.

    Our goal for this program is to help you to release the layers of fear that have held you captive all these years, allowing yourself to be the senitive aware individual that you are. No Pre-reg needed