The Next Grand Masters

Master Usui began to develop a large following of students and in the mid 1920's he met a man who became his most dedicated disciple, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, a 47 year old Reserve Naval Officer.

When Master Usui passed on, Dr. Hayashi became the Grand Master, carrying on this tradition of teaching and healing from his clinic in Tokyo.  He instituted the three levels of Reiki as it is now taught. In one generation, Reiki had leaped from the slums of Kyoto to the palaces of Tokyo. Dr. Hayashi and his wife would work in the clinic where up to 16 Reiki practitioners would come to give Reiki Treatments. Frequently a patient would receive Reiki from several practitioners at once.

It was at this clinic that a young woman named Hawayo Takata came in the fall of 1935 seeking relief from her multiple ailments. After spending several months at the clinic and recovering from her illnesses, she became his student. Dr. Hayashi died on May 10, 1941.

Hawayo Takata was made a Reiki Master by Dr. Hayashi in 1938. Madame Takata, as she is affectionately called, went back to Hawaii, her birth place, and began teaching Reiki. Upon Dr. Hayashi's death in 194 1, she succeeded him as Grand Master. Madam Takata began to train Reiki Masters at the age of 73. Upon her death on December 11, 1980, she left 22 Reiki Masters in the USA and Canada.