Loving Touch Center is a place for learning, healing and transformation. 

As a school, Loving Touch Center teaches Reiki, a hands-on healing energy. It is a powerful yet gentle energy that is emitted from the Universe, through a practitioner's hands to a recipient. Reiki is holistic and addresses an individual on many levels, creating good health physically, mentally and emotionally.

Loving Touch Center is more than a school. We are a family. We provide our students with an atmosphere of unconditional, non-judgmental love in a safe and secure place where everyone can address their issues. We also provide loving support in their personal growth and their Reiki practice.

Loving Touch Center also teaches the philosophy of metaphysics and we give you extra tools for self-empowerment and for finding your own answers.

Loving Touch Center was recognized by the Supreme Court, Board of Education and The Attorney General in the state of New York as an Interfaith Ministry. Our ministry is not religious in nature, but is a spiritual discipline. As such we are able to minister Reiki to our students and clients in hospitals or other institutions. Since we ordain our ministers as Ministers of Spiritual Healing, which is how we perceive the Reiki energy, only our own Loving Touch Center graduates are eligible for our ministry.

Loving Touch Center offers healing circles around the country for people in need or for people who want to experience the Reiki energy free of charge.  Click here for info on centers in your area!

Loving Touch Center seminars consist of two full days of instruction. Certification is given for each seminar.

 Loving Touch Center was founded in New York and Florida at the same time by Samuel and his sister Myrna. Loving Touch Center was incorporated on June 14, 1991 by Samuel Strauss.

Our Mission Statement

Loving Touch Center is

founded on the principles of honor and

respect for the integrity of each human

being with the acknowledgment that real

wellness arises from full integration of

mind, body and spirit.