History of Reiki


 It is believed that Reiki originated thousands of years ago as a spiritual discipline used by the  ancient Tibetan monks as a system for self awareness and meditation. The holy men would paint calligraphy upon large wall hangings. The Tibetan monks would sit upon stools in the center of a shallow pool of water and meditate on the calligraphy. The idea was to implant the symbols deep into the subconscious mind, therefore raising personal consciousness and awareness.  

Since this practice was never written down and only passed through word of mouth, it virtually became a  lost practice until Mikao Usui rediscovered the symbols in the ancient Sanskrit text.

The story of Reiki as we know it in the Western world is that it was rediscovered by a Japanese scholar named Mikao Usui. Mikao Usui was a teacher at a Christian seminary in Kyoto, Japan. When his students asked him why they had not learned anything of the healing methods used by Jesus, he was unable to answer.

At that time, Mikao Usui decided to relinquish his position as teacher and pursue the knowledge of the Christ healings.

Being able to read Japanese, Chinese, English, and Sanskrit, Usui traveled to America, but could not find answers in Christian writings regarding hands-on healing. Usui researched Chinese scriptures but to no avail and eventually traveled to India, where he was able to study the Holy Writings.

Meditation and Revelation

Usui returned home to a monastery in Kyoto, where he discovered Sanskrit formulas and symbols in the old Buddhist Sutras. He found the symbols but didn't know what to do with them or how to use them. Usui decided to go to a mountain a few miles outside Kyoto that was considered sacred by the monks. There he would fast and meditate for three weeks in anticipation that he would be shown the meanings of the symbols. To keep track of the days, he placed twenty-one stones beside him and everyday, discarded one. Nothing unusual happened until the last day, when he saw a shining light moving toward him at great speed. His first impulse was to dodge. Then he thought of the years he had searched for an answer. He sat very still and allowed the experience. the light struck him in the center of his forehead. An intense white light appeared followed by large, transparent bubbles, each containing a Sanskrit symbol. As a bubble moved into his field of vision, the instructions in the use of the symbol were revealed to him. As soon as the information was committed to memory, the bubble would move away and another would take its place. He knew this was the Universal Life Force energy which he called Reiki.  By Mikao Usui receiving this energy, he was  elevated to the Master Level.

The Healing Miracles

Master Usui was full of energy and eager to return to Kyoto. As he rushed down the mountain, he stubbed his toe on a rock and fell to the ground. In pain and bleeding, he instinctively grabbed his toe and held it for a few minutes. The bleeding and pain stopped. This was the first validation of the truth of his vision. Continuing down the mountain, he came upon a roadside inn and realized he was hungry. Usui went inside and ordered a very large meal. The innkeeper, seeing Usui's long beard and dusty robes, assumed this meant his guest had been on a very long fast up in the mountains and he was reluctant to bring his guest such a large meal. However, Usui insisted on eating everything he had ordered, and suffered no ill effects by doing so.

The meal was served by the innkeeper's grand-daughter, who was in great pain from an infected tooth. Her face was swollen and red, and she had been suffering for several days. Master Usui asked permission to touch her face. The pain went away immediately and the swelling went down. The innkeeper and girl were very grateful and Master Usui was elated to have experienced another Reiki miracle.

New Research into the History of Reiki

Ethical Principles of Reiki 

The Grandmasters of Reiki