Loving Touch Center's Ministry and Outreach Programs

In June of 1991, Loving Touch Center was recognized by the Supreme Court, Board of Education and the Attorney General of the State of New York as not for profit Interfaith Ministry. Our ministry is REIKI It was formed so that our ministers would be able to use Reiki on friends, relatives and clients in need even after they have entered hospitals or other institutions.

Our ministry is only for Loving Touch Centers graduates. Their designation is Minister of Spiritual Healing and their training is their Reiki classes.

The LTC ministry is not a religious order. It is spiritual in nature. We are considered Interfaith and our ministers represent all of the different religions on the planet as well as many different philosophies. We pride ourselves on unconditional and non-judgmental love.  

The Reverends Samuel Strauss and Reverend Myrna Farbiash are the founders and executive Directors of Loving Touch Center. They are the only ones that can ordain LTC Ministers of Spiritual Healing.  

LTC has centers in the United States, the Caribbean, South America, Europe and Asia. Most of the centers have designated Thursday nights as their ministry night as part of their outreach program to their community. Anyone in need may come in for a free Reiki healing on the Center's ministry night.  

LTC has other outreach programs in different communities, such as Women in Distress, Half Way Houses and Hospices, using Reiki to calm and activate healing in people's lives.  

Loving Touch Center, through its Community Project Program, is always available to organized support groups and institutions so that those in need may be assisted with Reiki's natural healing.

Loving Touch Center's Ministry Programs

LTC's Minister of Spiritual Healing

Pre-reg: LTC's Reiki I or above

This program is for those who wish to be of service to others using Reiki.

As an Interfaith Minister we are able to enter most public and private institutions at almost anytime to serve those wishing to receive Reiki's healing energy.

LTC's Minister of Spiritual Counseling

Pre-reg: LTC's Minister of Spiritual Healing

This designation is awarded to those who successfully complete LTC's six (6) month Master Practitioner of Spiritual Counseling.

LTC's Master Practitioner of Spiritual Counseling

Pre-reg:  LTC's Minister of Spiritual Healing, RI, RII, AP

MPSC is a 6-month program in which by a process of practice tools, we learn how to use our natural psychic abilities and have the ability to turn it on or off. We focus those abilities into a technique we call PSI Psych to help people to see their options or choices more clearly.

                                                               Rabai Joseph Gelberman