Loving Touch Center Founders

Reverend Samuel Strauss

SW Virginia

Reverend Myrna Farbiash

LTC of Florida

Reverend Samuel Strauss

A founder of Loving Touch Center, International School of Traditional Reiki and Interfaith Ministry.  He is an Independent Traditional Reiki Master / Teacher, Interfaith Minister, Clinical   Hypnotherapist,  Master Teacher of Magnified Healing and a Gifted Psychic. He has shared some of his innovative work in Past Life Regression, with his students, "Change the Past and you will Change the Future", as well  as in his one day seminar Awareness and Beyond*. Samuel shares channeled information on his 5 Step holistic  healing process. He is a Master Teacher and has helped thousands of people around the world both in large groups and  on an individual basis. He returned to the path in the early 70’s and has been  involved in the world of Mind, Body Spirit Healing ever since. He is a nationally known teacher lecturer and author and has been interviewed on national television and radio.

Samuel wishes to honor his council; Ramtha, Quan Yin, Master Usui, Michael & Lord Sananda.

SAMUEL's Virginia Reiki Program

* Awareness and Beyond is an excitingly interactive workshop which includes

ample audience participation and discussion opportunities You leave

Awareness and Beyond with positive ways to make your life healthier and

happier Many spontaneous healing have occurred among workshop participants.

Reverend Myrna Farbiash

Myrna has been actively involved in helping, healing and teaching people how to improve and take responsibility for their lives since 1970. She incorporates a variety of techniques in her healing practice.  

She is a traditional Reiki Master, Spiritual Counselor, Lecturer and Teacher.   Myrna is a graduate of Silva Mind Control and Avatar. She is a certified Hynotherapist, Crystal Healer and Master Teacher of Magnified Healing. Myrna is a Counselor for Emotional Release Work, Charka Balancing, and Inner Child Work. She believes that healing is a partnership. She is here to guide students and clients through their healing process. Myrna resides in Hollywood, Florida with her husband Gene. Together they operate Loving Touch Center of Florida and Crystal Vision.

Samuel was ordained by Rabbi Joseph Gelberman from the new seminary on June 6, 1988