Who is Samuel

Samuel - Founder of LTC and Clinical Hypnotherapist is a nationally known Teacher, Lecturer, and Author. He has received wide recognition for his use of psychic abilities and channeled insights to help others. He has attracted students from all over the world and as well as attention from television and radio. Samuel is also noted for his innovative Inner child work in his Awareness & Beyond  workshop. He shares with his audience the basis for his successful techniques for helping clients move through their issues more quickly or to closure.

Interfaith Ministry

June 4, 1988
Class President
Ordained by Rabbi Joseph Gelberman as Interfaith Minister
June 1991 - Founded Loving Touch Center Interfaith Ministry
With over 1,000 ordained Interfaith Ministers around the world

International School of Traditional Reiki
Febrary 27, 1990
Elevated to the Reiki Master Teacher level by
Dr. Arthur Robertson

March 18, 1990 -Founded Loving Touch Center International School for Traditional Reiki -
Now celebrating it's 25th Anniversary of being in service.
With over 10,000 graduates around the world

SAS Real Estate
Founded SAS Real Estate & Associates
An environmentally motivated land development firm
Go Green Because We Care

ATTENTION All LTC Graduates: We would be delighted to gift you 3% of any sale resulting from your referral or 5% if you buy for yourself.

Please call and let me know how I can help you.


Contact us at:   samuel@reiki- ltc.org

540- 520- 8725

P.O. Box 4652

Lynchburg VA, 24502