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How Can You Protect Your Money
And Keep It Safe?

What can you buy that will never go away and that nobody can steal?


What Is This All About?

Nature is one of the most precious things we have to enjoy in this world. However it is not a certainty. It needs to be cared for and it needs to be preserved. If we don’t care for it now, then we will lose it forever.

If you believe this, and if you want to do something to help… if you want to live amongst nature and enjoy its beauty and be a part of its wonders and caretaker for the animals that inhabit it… then please keep reading. We have a wonderful opportunity to share with you.

SAS Real Estate was made to provide land offerings with a covenant. We offer natural land located in Central Virginia with peace and quiet that is safe for people and animals and that enjoys four distinct seasons in a gentle climate, all while still being convenient to recreation, culture, hospitals, shopping and schools.

Our goal is to preserve the land and its nature, no logging or hunting is allowed on the land. We wish to provide a gentle place for people and animals to live together that can be preserved for generations!

Read on to learn more about us and our values and what we have to offer. However please be advised that currently only 2 out of our original 11 plots are still available. If you want more information right away, please call Reg Anderson now to get started, (540) 580-6960.

Land is the safest "SAFE" we have in the country. Why?

  • There is only so much of it.
  • You can't steal it or carry it away.
  • It’s not going to vanish or diminish. If you start with a 20 acre tract you are guaranteed that in 5, 10 or 20 years you will still have a 20 acre tract.
  • You can touch it, visit it or kick it if you choose.
  • You can pass it on intact, assuming your estate is under the inheritance maximum.
  • No matter when the market turns around (it’s only a matter of time and you know it will), land is always there and always needed.
  • Banks are only $250,000 SAFE and the interest earned in any one year is taxed at the end of that year.
  • You can use it to build a home on.

“Remember what Will Rogers said, "I’m more interested in the return "of" my investment, than the return "on" my investment."

If you have any questions please call my friend Reg Anderson at (540) 580-6960 and tell him Samuel sent you. He’s a great person and will take good care of you!

Do You Have A Dream?

Is your “Dream”, to have a place with large acreage of Everlasting Natural Beauty (tracts that cannot be further subdivided)? Do you want to be with people who appreciate and want to enjoy (as well as preserve) the natural setting of trees, pasture, running water and magical views on their property?

Our latest project is Serenity Estates, located in Wirtz, Virginia. A 205 acre subdivision with eleven 15-25 acre tracts. Only 2 tracts are left, beginning at $99,900 per tract.

We are developing a community of individuals with common goals, interests and desires, who want:

  • Peace and Quiet
  • Safety for their family and/or animals
  • Residential/Agricultural community
  • Convenient to:
  • Recreation: Smith Mountain Lake
  • Culture: Roanoke
  • Hospitals: Rocky Mount or Roanoke
  • Shopping: West Lake Center is less than 5 miles away, Roanoke, Smith Mountain Lake, Rocky Mount
  • Schools
  • Wonderful climate
  • No Hunting (for Safety reasons)
  • No logging

Yet totally secluded just off route 670.

If this is your dream, then your dream is the same as ours. Let us help you to realize “Your Dream” today. Imagine how wonderful it will be to have neighbors who have the same vision as you. Call Reg Anderson now to get started, (540) 580-6960

Land is, and always will be, one of your best and safest investments.

Land Development the Harmonious Way


Aerial Photo and Map:
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SAS Real Estate & Associates, LLC Mission Statement:

We believe that we are but caretakers of the land, and with it a responsibility to protect a way of life for both ourselves and for our animal friends.

“This we know… the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. All things are connected, like blood, which connects one family. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the children of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life – he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”

Chief Seattle, 1854

Major Concern:

Our animal friends are losing the battle. Their forests, their homes and their lives are being sacrificed in the name of progress and housing for the many. If we don’t put aside large acreage now, placed under the care of self appointed "guardians”, we won’t have any forests left, for homes and shelter for them or for ourselves.

Out of respect for the Earth and its Animals:

SAS Real Estate finds the most beautiful land available and subdivides it into 15 acre tracks or larger, depending upon the lay of the land. These parcels cannot be further subdivided. In this small way we hope to be able to assist our animal friends by preserving the land and woods in large clusters. We then seek to find those who will accept these responsibilities with joy.

Living in Peace and Harmony with NATURE is keeping the balance.
SAS Real Estate: Land Development the Harmonious Way.

If you have any questions please call my friend Reg Anderson at (540) 580-6960 and tell him Samuel sent you. He’s a great person and will take good care of you!

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